Privacy Policy

Purpose of this policy

When you use our services, both online and "in the real world", you are trusting us with your information. We collect and store certain information to ensure we are able to provide our services to you.

This page will explain what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it.

What information we collect

We collect personal information about you to help us contact you and to customise your experience with us. This information includes: your name, your email address, the company you represent, your current website address, and any contents of messages and emails you choose to write to us.

By providing us with this information you are agreeing that we can use your information to contact you or customise your experience with us.

How we collect information

When you reach out to us via email, phone, through our website(s) or other contact methods, you may be providing us with personal information. Forms on our website(s), such as contact forms, booking forms, or any other form that you submit information.

Email servers and database servers hosting this information may be either national (in Australia) or international.

Why we collect information

We collect personal information about customers, contractors, and job applicants to get in contact with, to market to you, and to provide services to. We may provide some information to 3rd parties such as other service providers, contractors or collaborators from time to time for the same purpose.

Updates to this policy

This privacy policy may be updated at any time due to new laws, new technology and data handling methods, change of our business operations, and general changes to our business.


If you have any concerns about our privacy policy or would like us to discard of any sensitive information, let us know at, where we will evaluate the situation and attempt to get in contact with you via email (or phone if you provide us with your phone number).

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